quarta-feira, 7 de maio de 2014

Outside My Comfort Zone - Challenge #31

Hey curvies,

O tema deste desafio de hoje é bastante particular! Escolhido pela fantástica Steph, defendeu que de modo a contrariar o que nos é sempre exigido, escolhêssemos o que quiséssemos como look mas as fotos tinham que ser obrigatoriamente tiradas connosco sentadas.
Confesso que isto não me fez muita confusão e até me diverti bastante a tirar estas fotos! :)


Today's theme was chosen by the gorgeous Steph and she wrote that "As a fat woman i'm expected to stand up, breathe in and generally blend into the background. It's my birthday today and I fancy a sit down and I'd like to ask all my fellow plus size bloggers to sit down. Wear what every you like but post a photo of yourself sat down."
I must say that this was quite easy for me and I had lots of fun talking these pictures! :)


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3 comentários:

Stephanie Jane disse...

How cute do you look sat down on the wall and what a fab view.


Love Leah disse...

Lovely photos Mary! You look fantastic and the view is gorgeous. x x

NattyNikki disse...

I love your photos Mary what an amazing place and you look fabulous as always xx